Family Tree
Performance at The Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, TX during SoundSpace Program
Wood, rope, pigmented silicone rubber, plastic, epoxy putty, audio/electronic components



Corner Pull; An Exercise
2012 – ongoing

Drill, rope, work gloves

Performed by Tamara Johnson at LOFT 594, Spring Fever Performance Night 2013
Performed  by Aaron Meyers ( at Callicarpa Gallery, Austin TX 2012

Brick Beam/Hair Pull/Wall Gut

Plaster bricks, human hair, acrylic paint, weather balloon, work gloves
Performance at AUNTS Time Share, Chain Curation 4

Featured in EMERGENCY INDEX vol. 3

Hollow plaster bricks, painted faux hair attached to an existing paper towel holder, and a large weather balloon subsumed new material qualities once placed within the context of the Arts@Renaissance bathroom. The bricks were carefully positioned into a balance beam, a ligament connecting the private space of the bathroom with the public space of the hallway. As the beam was built and walked upon, it crumbled into a broken line, leaving a residue of plaster shards amongst the audience. The beam fragments were then swept back inside the bathroom floor space and the weather balloon inflated with a battery operated air pump.  With the weather balloon filling the space and the brick shards littering the floor, the bathroom became an uncanny archive; the hair and balloon as surrogates of the absent body, the bricks relics of actions past.